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Tsaiko: Sampled Big Drums For Kontakt

December 7, 2007

Taiko drums

As I’m composing the soundtrack to Infected, I find myself regularly reaching for a new sample library called Tsaiko. This is talented videogame, film and tv composer Sean Beeson’s first commercial sample library release, and it’s a winner. If you’ve never heard of Sean, do yourself a favour and listen to some of his outstanding music on his website. The library is for the Kontakt sampler, and it features the sounds of 4 japanese taiko drums, sticks, stomps and shouts. In all, everything you might need to recreate the sound of a large drum ensemble, with samples of both the right and left hand hits. The quality of the recordings are top-notch, as is the very imaginative programming. The general sonic impression is THUNDEROUS. There are a good number of patches that feature all kinds of variations in the timbre of the taiko samples, giving the user many more sounds to choose from. The Kontakt programming of this sample set is a real bonus, IMO. A number of patches also allow the user to choose/mix different microphone perspectives (from far to close, for eg). You can hear a number of demo cues by visiting the Demos section of the official Tsaiko website. The library is only 55 $ US, a real deal, and is a download purchase, which I find very handy during a composing rush. Here’s hoping Sean makes many more libraries like this one.

Taiko drummer


True Strike 2 Percussion Library

November 21, 2007

I just started using a spectacular percussion library specifically suited for film and tv scoring work, True Strike 2. It’s made by the Dutch company Project SAM. It features superb and detailed samples of Djembe ensembles, Taiko drums, big hits of all kinds, bowed cymbals and other metallic instruments, prepared piano, and much more. I’m using it right now while writing the soundtrack to a horror/sci-fi MOW (see the They’re Among Us post) and I’m finding it very inspiring. It’s a bit pricey, but worth every penny, especially if you’re a working composer.

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