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Composer Ned Bouhalassa's Blog

This is the blog and main website of composer Ned Bouhalassa. It features ramblings about his work, links to his music, thoughts about composing for the big and small screen, audio and music technology, cd reviews, etc.

Ned Bouhalassa is a Montreal-based composer of music for film, television and concert. He has been composing full-time since 1997. 

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You can download his most recent C.V. HERE

Contact/email : ned at nedfx dot com



  1. Love your blog man, linked to you in my own. Keep up the great stuff!

  2. Thanks, riahalla! You have a great blog, full of info, generous.

  3. Hey Ned,

    I’ve been a fan of your sage advice (and humor) for a while now and wanted to send you a link to one of the coolest film tracks I’ve heard this year. Didn’t know how else to get it to you, so here’s a sendspace link. I think at around 2:00 minutes you should start getting goosebumps.

    Description: The International “End Titles”
    You can use the following link to retrieve your file:

    : >

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