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Fukushima Project – Alarm and Geiger

July 1, 2014

Thanks to a thread on my favourite composers’ forum, VI-Control, I’ve rediscovered my MS-20ic. It may look like the iconic Korg MS-20, but it’s actually a USB MIDI controller that I use in tandem with the Korg Legacy MS-20 softsynth. After watching the first part of a great demo video by Marc Doty (Automatic Gainsay), I decided to try to send the phone output of the MS-20ic back into itself, and, even though it doesn’t actually produce a sound, the plug-in responded in the best way, generating all kinds of agreeable noise! This is only a test, but I will definitely be using this setup to generate a variety of ‘alarm’ type sounds/textures:

As part of this new piece, I’ve also started using U-He’s amazing Bazille modular softsynthesizer. I want to include the ominous sound of a Geiger counter, used to measure radioactivity, and since I don’t intend to go anywhere near a large amount of these particles, I tried to re-create this sound. Here is an example of my new patch:





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