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February 26, 2011



  1. Hi Ned,

    This is Michael Rien, one of your students from Concordia from way back when… 1995-1999.

    I stumbled across your advice column on this website by chance not knowing that it was you giving the advice. Pretty cool:-)

    I need some personal advice. I’m in the midst of scoring my 3rd low budget feature film (this one is in English finally:-) Every producer I’ve worked with really enjoyed working with me, finding that I’m pretty easy going, work fast and have a knack of giving them what they want.


    My long term goal as a composer is to land a television series. Scoring for i.e. “The X-Files”, “24”, “The Dollhouse”

    Is there a way to contact Producers who need composers to score for their Pilots. I’m willing to do it for next to nothing in order to get my “feet wet” like you had mentioned in your article.

    You can view my Film/TV music reel on my website. However, I’ve created even cooler music to date… That will be updated soon.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I need all the advice I can get. Much appreciated.

    Michael Rien

  2. I listened to your audio clips and watched your reel. Wow! I had no idea? I only knew you as my electro-acoustic teacher back in Concordia:)

    Amazing work! Also, I like “The Real Story” audio clip.

    Visit: my demo reel at and let me know if ever you need an apprentice.

    All the best,
    Michael Rien

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