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YTV’s In Real Life Soundtrack

March 12, 2009


For the past few months, I’ve been composing the music for YTV’s new reality-tv competition series, In Real Life. The music is a mix of action orchestral and power-pop, and it’s been a fantastic challenge for me to keep ramping up the musical adrenaline! Produced by Montreal’s Apartment 11, the series features 12-14-year olds competing in various incredible challenges. I couldn’t have created this music without these amazing tools: Nine Volt Audio libraries, Stylus RMX, StormDrum 1 and 2, Tonehammer instruments. Keep a lookout for new YTV episodes on Wednesday nights, at 7 pm.

Here are some examples of the music I created for the show:

Running Out of Time

Watch Out For Teeth

Battling To The Finish

Hanging Out



  1. Congrats on the scoring gig!

    Just wanted to let you know that for some reason the audio in your samples is distorted on my system. (Mac 10.5) I’ve had this same problem myself with this plugin, although I haven’t done the footwork to find out what causes it. Just thought I’d bring it to your attention.

    Let me know if there’s another way to listen to the samples. I’d love to hear your work!

  2. Thanks for your interest, John! I think it may be that your Mac’s output is set too high. You may want to try lowering the level to half-way, then try listening to my music again. I have not heard of other people experiencing distortion, but I will admit that the music is mixed ‘hot’. It’s for TV, after all! 😉

  3. Hey Ned,

    Just checked out the tracks, sounds great 🙂

    I wanted to echo what John said, on my Macbook Pro they are distorted as well… John, are you using Safari 4(Beta)?

  4. Actually, David, I am using Safari 4(beta). Do you suppose that’s the problem? Sorry to bother Ned. If David and I are the only ones having this problem, maybe not worth fixing.

  5. Great work Ned! although i must admit watching a reality show about 12 year olds competing is pretty far down my list of priorities, the music you scored is really fresh, inspiring, and brought to mind the teen angst that i’m sure is prevalent in the show. Love your music man!
    (btw, sounds just fine on my system…go firefox!)

  6. Hey!
    I was on the show, and the music sounds AWESOME! Great job

    • Thanks a lot, Jaicyea – you were awesome as well! You seem like a really genuine, down-to-earth friendly and caring human being. I wish you much success in your endeavours!

  7. is it true that Aaron is cute Graeme

  8. Amy,

    Go to this site as of September 8th:

  9. is there any way to download these?

  10. Anyone know where we can watch the first season? Cause this show is not on tv anymore

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