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Titanic Documentary

September 22, 2008

I’m very busy these days on the soundtrack for a UK/Canada documentary on the crew’s role in the sinking of the most famous passenger ship of them all, and how this tragedy could have been avoided. The iceberg is also a key protaginist – so much so that I have composed my very first iceberg theme! Directed by Patrick Reams, and produced by Pioneer Productions and Handel Productions, this Channel 4 commission features a combination of drama, documentary and CGI footage. In writing for my virtual orchestra, I have been inspired by the music of Philip Glass, particularly the soundtrack to Notes On A Scandal.

Next month, I will be starting work on the soundtrack to a Sci-Fi/Muse tv movie entitled Rise Of The Gargoyle, featuring Eric Balfour. More on that in a few weeks.



  1. Heard some of the cues on OSX Audio. Killer work. :>

    • And your website rocks! Love the buttons on the home page. Also, Conroy Escape – killer. Are you, like me, a former jungle head?!!

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