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Deconstructing Arcade Fire’s Black Mirror

April 15, 2008

You’ve probably heard by now of Radiohead’s single Nude Remix project, and Trent Reznor has offered up several of his tracks for remixing by his fans. Even the Barenaked Ladies are in on the act. What this means is that individual stems or parts of a song can be downloaded, re-arranged, added to, and shared via the web. I am very curious about how this new idea will develop, which artists will embrace it next. This morning, I stumbled onto Arcade Fire’s beautiful interactive video for their song Black Mirror. Aside from the silent-film techniques used, what sets it apart from other clips is that you can deconstruct the song by turning on or off 6 tracks. You can make yourself an instrumental version by muting the vocals, a drum-free version by cutting out the drums, or listen to Win Butler singing a capella.


One Comment

  1. Thanks for the link. Makes you realize how fat and rich each of these layers are.

    Great work on Electro CD too, been following your stuff for a good few years. Keep turning those dials and tweaking those knobs.

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