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Infected on Sci-Fi Channel

March 21, 2008

Christian Olsen, Chris Olsen, drummer, percussion

Drummer CHRISTIAN OLSEN during recording session for Infected

I’ve just completed composing the soundtrack for the made-for-tv movie, Infected. As you may have guessed from the combination of the title and the network, it’s a sci-fi thriller/horror film, starring Isabelle Rosselini and Judd Nelson. You can read more about the film here.

It was my first time working with Muse Entertainment, and it was a real joy. The director, Adam Weissman, and I had agreed that the music should be very muscular, with an emphasis on percussion. I listened to a lot of music from 24‘s Sean Callery, and from John Powell, especially the Bourne Identity soundtracks. I guess what I learned the most was to leave room in my arrangements for strong dynamic shifts, and to leave melody for other genres!

This project gave me another opportunity to work with the very versatile, kick-ass drummer and friend Christian Olsen, who gladly accepted to make a junk percussion/metal/prepared drum kit. He and I had a blast shopping for tubes and metal objects at the hardware store, banging on copper and steel.You can hear some of Chris’ work in 2 of the excerpts that I’ve recently uploaded on ReverbNation.

Attack At City Hall:

Running Too Late:
You can also hear and see Christian playing live with Ghislain Poirier in this video.

Infected will premiere on the Sci-Fi Channel, Sunday, April 27th, at 9 pm.


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  1. I’d love to see pictures of the junk drum kit. Can you go into any detail about that?

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