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S & M: Short and Male

November 26, 2007

Short and Male

I have recently finished composing the score for S & M: Short and Male. Like some of the more successful documentaries in the past few years, this movie is smart, punchy and never dull. Produced by Montreal’s Instinct Films for the CTV network, and directed by Howard Goldberg, Short and Male looks at the bias against short men in today’s society. The music is mostly hip and dynamic, and I had a blast closely collaborating with the director – you can read an interview with him about the film here. Here’s a quote from Instinct Films’ website:

Short and Male follows real characters engaged in the angst-ridden world of dating, and the highly competitive climb up the corporate ladder. How does the shorter man compensate for his disadvantage against his taller rivals? Will he get the girl, the job, and the promotion? How can enlightened women rationalize an irrational preference for height? Even though Napopleon was tall for his generation of European men, is the Napoleonic complex real? And if it real, can you blame short men for being aggressive in a world which so often looks right over them?


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