My Music

The best way to hear my music is to visit my page on Soundcloud : Click !


  1. Hi. Surfed in here via a link with Samballenium which I downloaded from Mininova. Interesting stuff. Samba a litle bit too “cloudy” in the bass for my system but I think this is probably deliberate. I’ve lots to listen to and have Akido playing at the moment. I have been missing all of the eclectic synth music that I used to find on the late, lamented Ampcast. Maybe a new door has opened for me. Good to find you. I wasn’t all that young when I started to listen to T Dream in the 60′s so you can see I’m keeping the faith!
    Regards. Derek

  2. Hi. As an aspiring film composer, I have been getting more interested in your music. However, being from the UK has meant I can’t find your music very easily, even as digital download. The piece I’m looking for in particular is Impulse; any help?


  3. I’m a big fan of your music since the “days of old” when I was composing and I had to listen to your works as school assignment :D Glad to see you have a website and you showcase your work! Love Alexanderplatz!

  4. Try to copy others, use your ears, take some courses, have fun. ;-) BTW, when I say ‘copy’, I don’t actually expect you to do the exact same as some other artist. It’s that in the act of trying to do the same, you will fail, most probably, but you will have learned much.

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