Prize for Cargo and Nomination for Titanic

The film Un Cargo pour l’Afrique (A Cargo for Africa) won Best Canadian Feature at Montreal’s 2009 World Film Festival. This prize is voted by the public, and it should help this humble film reach a wider audience. Who Sank The Titanic (also known as Titanic: How It Really Sank), another film which features my music, is nominated in the Best History Documentary Program category of the 2009 Gemini Awards (Canadian television).

Casual Connect Seattle

I’m going to Seattle tomorrow to attend my first international gaming conference, and I’m excited, particularly by the Audio Track conference on the last day. Casual Connect is a conference for makers of casual games – you know, the ones that attract over 200 million users online, but that only mom, dad and the kids in the bus will admit to. I was turned on to the idea of going by talking to my friend Robert Gordon from Article 19. He and I go back to the 90s, when I wrote some cues for his early online games. I’m thinking that there’s going to be a huge demand for these kinds of cell-phone friendly puzzles and challenge games, and that composers will benefit from the need for game soundtracks. If you want to get an idea of what the level of quality of the scores of casual games, check out the Gaming portfolio of the very successful company Somatone.