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Fukushima Project

June 25, 2014

For the first time in my career, I have decided to publicly document the creation of a new electroacoustic work. Fascinated and concerned by the tragic events surrounding the Fukushima nuclear disaster, I have recently thought that one of the reasons …

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April 27, 2012

I am very happy to share with you my latest demo reel in video format!

La Musique du Téléroman O’

March 19, 2012

** Please scroll down for an English version ** Cet hiver, j’ai composé la musique du merveilleux téléroman O’. Produit par Sovimage et réalisée par Éric Tessier, cette série nous fait découvrir la famille O’Hara, avec tous ses hauts et …

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The Roland SH-5: Starship Synth

November 19, 2010

Every time I play with my Roland SH-5, I feel like I’m taking the controls of a spaceship of some kind! What an amazing chameleon, this mid-70s synthesizer is: soft, harsh, simple, complex, funky, spaced-out, out-of-control, sweet sounds can be …


Scoring CBC’s 18 To Life

December 7, 2009

For the past few months, I’ve been composing music for a new CBC prime-time domestic comedy, 18 To Life. The producers and I decided early on that the music production and performances should not be too slick. I opted for …

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